Visiting the Bodleian Shop

As promised, we are visiting University shops in the run-up to Christmas, to bring you some novel gift ideas.  Last time we found some real gems in the Ashmolean shop, including jewellery based on their Egyptian Collections, bags made from past advertising banners, and educational books.

This week I have been exploring the Bodleian, to bring you some more fantastic gift ideas.

Poppy Treffry Tea CosyThe shop has a range of charming, hand-made textiles by Poppy Treffry – a Cornish based designer.  You can choose from adorable tea cosies, egg cosies, or, Christmas stockings. They have a child-like quality, created by the ‘cut-out’ Nativity figures which have been, lovingly, embroidered onto each one – such as Kings, and Shepherds.  My favourite is definitely the donkey egg cosy!  The textiles are part of Poppy’s Christmas Nativity Collection, which she describes as being: ‘heirlooms of the future’ -- they can be used every year, creating memories for all the family. If you like crafts, and are after something a bit different this Christmas, then this range is certainly for you!  Made from linen, and vintage materials, the egg cosies are £14.50, and the tea cosies and stockings are £48.

Continuing with the theme of beautiful, unique gifts, I also noticed a variety of craft- kits by Buttonbag. These would be ideal for children, aged 6 , as it will bring them hours of fun, and they can feel proud that they have created something themselves. I think I would choose the Christmas Robins Kit, as it allows you to create a number of quirky, polka- dot robins that you can hang from Christmas trees, or, place on your mantelpiece.  However, you might instead choose the cute Owl House Family, or Winter Hearts Kit. The kits contain everything you will need – fabric, glue, sewing needles, ribbons, and stuffing for toys, -- and they are from £10-12. They would make excellent stocking fillers!

If you are interested in gifts relating to the Bodleian, then you could choose something from the Medieval Life Collection. The stationary sets, uses images from The Romance of Alexander the Great, made between 1338-44, which is held in the Bodleian library.  There are notepads, sticker sets and bookmarks, all from £1.65. If you fancy something to read, then you might want to choose an interesting book entitled: Tradition and Innovation in Later Medieval English Manuscripts, in which a number of 15th and 16th century manuscripts are examined.

I was also drawn to the ‘Silence Please’ collection, which offers bone china, teapots, mugs, and espresso mugs, ranging from £13.50 - £38. Each item is printed with the logo ‘Silence Please’ which is a sign you will find all around the Bodleian library. Another item I really liked was the Bodleian Reader’s Oath Bag, at just £16.50. If you seek admission to the library then you will be asked to say an Oath, which you can find printed on this white bag. On one side it’s in English, and on the other in Latin. These are great for those wanting gifts sold exclusively by the Bodleian, and they allow you take a little piece of Oxford home with you.

Out of all the collections, my favourite is probably the eye-catching Hobbies Bookshelf Collection, which is ideal for book lovers of all ages.  Every item is made from images of book shelves filled with books, so you can find yourself peering at these items for ages, trying to read all the different book titles.  Why not pick up some cards, a pencil box, or jigsaw set. Item range from £5.99- £30.00.

I hope this has given you some great ideas, and look out for our next post!

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