The Radcliffe Camera Tea Cosy Challenge


We’ve put a lot of effort into broadening our range of Oxford merchandise over the last year or so. We’ve tried to push beyond the standard Oxford souvenirs to offer you products which not only bear the Oxford University crest, but also have an inherent ‘Oxfordness’ about them. This might range from a classic sense of tradition, to a tacit acknowledgement of Oxford’s idiosyncrasies.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect product (have you seen the number of Oxford mugs and tea towels we’ve got?!), but occasionally everything falls into line – that’s how I feel about the Radcliffe Camera Tea Cosy. Was there ever a more tea-cosy-like landmark?

Since this lightning bolt struck I’ve mentioned the idea to friends and relatives – anyone who’d listen, in the hope that someone would take up the challenge of producing this most perfect of Oxford gifts. And now at last I’m delighted to present the first prototype, courtesy of my friend Kevin’s mother-in-law, Chris.

We’re going to add some more windows but it’s looking ace!” enthuses Kevin. I couldn’t agree more.

But what do you think? Are there any other mother-in-laws out there willing to rise to the Radcliffe Camera Tea Cosy Challenge?

Let this be said; the gauntlet has been thrown down.  But Chris has answered the challenge and answered with vigour!

Radcliffe Camera Tea Cosy

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