Oxford inspires Bronx school children to aim high

Last year the University of Oxford shop received an unusual request from Amanda Barragry, an art teacher in NYC.

Amanda teaches at New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science in the Bronx, where 90% of students qualify for free school meals.  In American high schools, it is customary to encourage kids to aim for college by calling each classroom or 'homeroom' after the university where the teacher studied – Amanda is an Alumnus of Somerville College - hence why her homeroom is called 'Oxford'.  In Amanda’s own words:  “I have had a lot of fun telling my kids about my time at Oxford and decorating the room with OU stuff.”
American universities are very generous in supporting homeroom teachers and donating things like T-shirts, etc to homeroom students – Amanda’s teaching colleagues pulled in an enviable haul of merchandise.  As the University of Oxford’s official shop we felt compelled not to let Amanda and her kids down, and agreed to send package of University of Oxford T shirts for her 14 year old students to wear in their Oxford themed ’homeroom’, the motto of which is  'Strong like an OX! Driven like a FORD!’
Photos of Amanda’s students wearing their Oxford Logo T with pride and style!

We hope that Amanda will keep in touch and update us on the Oxford homeroom and her students’ progress.  For the time being, however, you can find out more about Amanda and her inspirational work with students at New Visions Charter High School in the Bronx online.

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