Great gifts for kids at the OUM

In the third instalment of our University shop round-up, I visited the OUM shop this week, and discovered some unusual gifts, along with some excellent stocking-fillers for children! The shop itself is looking great, with some new furniture in place that makes it look much bigger, and makes browsing much easier.

My first find was in the cabinets at the far end of the shop – some beautiful agate bookends in a range of different colours. As no pair is exactly the same, these make a truly unique gift for the booklover in your life for only £30. For magpies like me who go for anything pretty and sparkly, the big section of ‘pick your own’ semi-precious stones will be a big draw too, with individual stones starting at 50p. My friend’s little girls particularly loved the magnetic ones, which stack together with a satisfying ‘click’! If you prefer to be more hands on, you could try the ‘Grow your Own’ crystals kit for £5.

Oxford Dodo Tea towelI also loved the leather notebooks that were on sale – one featuring a big black beetle, and one polka-dotted with bees in various sizes. These are made of real leather, smell delicious, and are printed in England. At £30 each these make another gift that’s slightly out of the ordinary, and tie in beautifully with the Museum’s collections…

OUM is of course the home of the Oxford dodo, and its remains are one of the Museum’s most popular exhibits, so an ideal stocking filler is their Dodo tea-towel at £5. There is also a Phaidon guide to the Museum, which is full of beautiful images, which would make an ideal gift for anyone planning a trip. My absolute favourite though is the cuddly woolly mammoth  - irresistible, and only £15!

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