The Honorable Eleanor Plumer (30790)

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This book collects memories of Eleanor Plumer, written by former students of St Anne’s who attended the college during Miss Plumer’s time and Principal. It has been produced to celebrate Miss Plumer’s enormous contribution to the college on the occasion of the opening of Eleanor Plumer house, a new Graduate Centre in 35 Banbury Rd

Cover Description:

The Honourable Eleanor Plumer was elected Principle of the Society of Home-Students in 1940. Miss Plumer engaged members of the Society in war work, leading the way by example. In  1942, the Society was renamed the St Anne’s Society and the St Anne’s coat of arms was given by Miss Plumer – it was that of her father, Field Marshal Viscount Plumer of Messines and Bilton.

In 1952, after tireless campaigning, Eleanor Plumer oversaw the Society’s transition to college status and St Anne’s College, an independent and close-knit community, was formed.

After her retirement in 1953, Eleanor Plumer, ever active and a keen traveller, moved to London where she would remain until her death.

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