Alumni product pick of the month!

As someone who works in retail I spend an awful lot of time thinking about what people might like to buy, which leads to a lot of daydreaming about everything I’d like to buy if I could afford it! I attend several trade shows each year, where potential suppliers range from one-man-bands packing up orders in their kitchens to household names, and I also do quite a lot of research to see if ideas we’ve had in the office are viable in real life. Sadly, the great snowglobe experiment of 2011 didn’t work out! 


My absolute favourite from our current selection is the Sienna bag, made in England by Grafea. It’s a really well-made little classic in tan calfskin that smells divine and gives a nod to the fashion for satchels without the weight of a full-size one. It’s embossed with the Oxford crest just above the buckle; a subtle reminder of days in the Rad Cam and nights in the Turf as you go about your daily life. It may be a little on the early side to be thinking about Christmas, but it’s definitely going on my list!


Emily Withers graduated from Wadham in 2001. She buys and develops product for the University Shop and If you’ve got ideas for products you’d like to see she would love to hear about them.

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