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Oxford Fashion

Posted on June 6, 2012 by ClaireL
Lizzie Prestt | 2 Comments

Oxford is usually more associated with tradition than fashion, so imagine our delight when we discovered that one of our favourite product lines is bang on trend as well!



Lizzie Prestt, talented designer of the Oxford Cityscape range, has had her designs added to a line of London landmarks clothing for Oasis, and I think you’ll agree that they look fabulous! With plans afoot to launch some new Oxford Cityscape products in more exciting colours later this year we’re now also wondering what items of clothing might benefit from an Oxford skyline – vest tops? T-shirts? We’d love to hear your ideas…

To view our Lizze Prestt range click here

Visit Lizzie's website here http://www.lizzieprestt.co.uk/


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by christineruflo

Is this still available? How can I procure these?

by ClaireL

Hi Christineruflo Unfortunately we do not have the clothing available as this is exclusive to Oasis stores, however, we do have a Lizzie Prestt range available at the OUshop. To view it you can click on the link above or search for her name. Thanks, Claire.

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