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Isis Ceramics

Posted on July 11, 2012 by hannah.aspey

We have sold Isis Ceramics in the shop for many years. The blue Oxford inspired pattern that decorates the salt and pepper pots, tureen and tea caddy (to name but a few items in the range) is exclusive to the University of Oxford shop and has provided the more discerning visitor with a truly collectible memento to remember Oxford by or give as a gift on their return home.

Handmade and painted by Deborah Sears and her team at the New Toffee Factory in Horton-cum-Studley, the Isis Oxford range has changed very little since it was conceived.
With this mind, we are interested in refreshing the range, perhaps trialling  different colours to create variety, and a simpler linea pattern to suit more contemporary tastes. New products such as an espresso cup set are also being considered for 2013.
Here's a few snaps of items that caught our eye when we visited Isis Ceramics this week. 
For those of you curious to find out more about our current collection of Isis, there is also good news, as the limited selection available on oushop.com is being extended to include all items that are in stock.
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