The Pitt Rivers Museum: a world within …
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  • The Pitt Rivers Museum: a world within …

The Pitt Rivers Museum: a world within …

The Pitt Rivers Museum: a world within …is the lively new introduction to the Museum. Many visitors describe the Pitt Rivers as their favourite museum in the world. Its atmospheric galleries hold one of the best collections of anthropology and world archaeology from around the globe and throughout human history. Who, though, was General Pitt-Rivers who donated the founding collection and how did the Museum come to have so distinctive an appearance?

With its dense displays, its black case-surrounds, and small handwritten labels, many suppose the Museum to be virtually unchanged since Victorian times. Written by the Director, Michael O’Hanlon, this book shows that beneath the surface the Museum and its displays have undergone profound changes.

The author recounts the lively history, the curatorial ambitions, the university politics and the changes in public taste that lie behind the Museum’s current appearance.  

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