Official Guide to The University of Oxford
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  • Official Guide to The University of Oxford

Official Guide to The University of Oxford

A behind-the-scenes look at the University of Oxford. Charting the rich and diverse history of the oldest university in the English-speaking world, this illustrated guide provides an insight into one of the world's most famous institutions, from its collegiate structure and cultural heritage to its colourful traditions.

40 pages

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  • The Official Guide to the University of Oxford

    A customer said:

    Note that this slim, lightweight book seems to be designed as a souvenir for tourists (and priced accordingly). It wil not meet the expectations of anyone seriously interested in gaining an insight into the University.  For the price I expected much more. 

  • Tight fisted review

    A customer said:

    While I don't disagree that this book is aimed at addressing a casual, rather than academic interest in Oxford, I'm intrigued by your comment on price. £5 seems pretty cheap for a book of any kind, and in my view represents excellent value in this instance.

  • Simple but informative

    A customer said:

    Lightweight, but that is all I needed to enjoy my visit. 

  • Re: Tight Fisted Review

    A customer said:

    Actually, this is an incredible tome - I have never been so rapt for so long. Nights turn to days and days to nights as I read this masterpiece. I have not eaten for three days, and I do not intend to start anytime soon.

    It requires a very high level of intellect to properly comprehend the sutble nihilism of this work. One could interpret the author's command of the english language as a paean to the intellectual vigour of the constituent body of which he is writing. 

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