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Helping to Beat the Bounds

Posted on June 2, 2011 by hannah.aspey
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We made our way to the University Church of St Mary the Virgin bright and early this morning to take part in the 'Beating the Bounds' ceremony - see yesterday's post for further info. From St Mary's, the vicar Brian Mountford and his team lead us down the High Street to Brasenose College, where three separate boundary stones were marked and thoroughly beaten.  We shouted 'Mark, Mark, Mark' and sang a hymn in the Quad.  Then onwards stopping at the Clarendon Building and Hertford College, marking the boundaries of St Mary's parish along the way. Accessing All Souls via the Codrington Library, we lightly beat a chalked cross on the library's marble floor under the watchful eye of the Head Librarian, Norma Aubertin-Potter, before walking through the quad, where we stopped to belt out another hymn in celebration of Ascension Day. Cherry cake was served in All Souls splendid dining room in memory of the cherry orchard that once grew there, and the warden Sir John Vickers welcomed us all. At University College, children caught pennies thrown from the windows into the Master's gorgeous garden.  Our final destination was Oriel, where after beating the final stone the children were served ice creams in the dining room. A perfect day for such a perfectly Oxford tradition! To view short clips of video footage of the Beating the Bounds ceremony visit YouTube


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