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Cherry Blossom at St Mary's

Posted on March 29, 2011 by Tom
Cherry Blossom | Church of St Mary the Virgin | 5 Comments
We're on a run of really beautiful days in Oxford. And although the switch to BST has left me somewhat bleary-eyed, there's a definite serenity in being up that little bit closer to dawn. Here are some snaps of the cherry blossom outside St Mary's Church as I cycled past this morning. It's a marvelous old tree, full of character and worthy of admiration at any time of year but at its best right now. Addendum: Following discussion in the comments section, investigation of the fruit of this tree have shown that it is actually an almond tree and not a cherry as previously stated. Tom - 11th May 2011. St Marys Passage St Marys Passage St Marys Church


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Wow! Phenomenal! Who gets
by Stephen MacLean
Wow! Phenomenal! Who gets to eat the ripened cherries?
Come to think of it, I've
by Tom
Come to think of it, I've never actually noticed any fruit on the tree... perhaps it's not a cherry at all?
When it is discovered what
by Stephen MacLean
When it is discovered what sort of tree we are all admiring, someone should plan to bake a pie with its fruit come harvesting time!
Is it an almond or
by Anna
Is it an almond or something?? At the moment it has green apricot shaped fruits on it. I would love to find out what it is.
Hi Anna, You prompted me to
by Tom
Hi Anna, You prompted me to go and have a look and I can say with 90% certainty that those are indeed almonds on the tree. Mystery solved! Tom
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