The 157th University Boat Race – Some Facts!

With the teams making their last minute preparations for Saturday’s University Boat Race, we thought we should bring you some interesting facts about the race so that you can wow your friends when cheering on Oxford! • Two false starts (which include turning up late) means disqualification from the race. • This year’s Isis/Goldie reserve crew’s race will be umpired by Sir Matthew Pinsent. • The umpire for the main event rowed for Oxford in 1994, 1995 and 1996. His father also rowed for Oxford in 1965 and 1966, and his uncle rowed for Cambridge in 1933! • Oxford set the record for reaching the miles post at three minutes and thirty-one seconds in 1978, but Cambridge equalled it in 1993. • The Boat Race flotilla is made up of twenty-six boats (including the ones being rowed by Oxford and Cambridge). • The course between Putney and Mortlake has been home to the Boat Race since 1845. • Jeremy Hunt, the secretary of state for Culture, Olympics, Media & Sport, is an Oxford Alumnus (Magdalen) and will be presenting the trophy this year. • Oxford coach Sean Bowden has previously coached both the light blues and the dark blues. This year he’s hoping to get his tenth victory. • This year’s Oxford crew only has one crew member whose nationality isn’t British, but the crew member whose hometown is closest to Oxford is Alec Dent from Bampton in Oxfordshire. • Oriel is the best represented college in the 2011 Oxford crew with three students; Bow, Stroke and 7 in the boat. If you after more, then this year’s Boat Race programme is available in a virtual format to view online for only Ј3.50!

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