Smiling through the cold

The new fashion range of Oxford University clothing has arrived. With the collection’s launch, both in the High Street shop and on online, only a week or two away, last Friday was designated photo shoot D Day. All started well with a sunny, spring like morning, however, by lunchtime these perfect conditions had been replaced by a grey sky and foreboding clouds. Student models Aga, Olga and Jamie, plus Joachim from the shop and local carpenter Jonathan (whose mum, Annika works in the shop) arrived and quickly changed ‘Mr Ben style’ into their outfit combinations. We set out to meet Greg the photographer on Merton Street, with the black gates and beech hedge of Oriel Grove as our first location. The coloured plaster facades and curvaceous line of Oriel Street followed and provided us with the perfect ‘break up’ shot – if only we’d done a ‘Photo Love’ story board! In Catte Street, with the Radcliffe Camera as our next backdrop, the models began to shiver. Growing more and more purple with cold - and without a virtual Photoshop app to hand –we prescribed the next best thing - a hot cup of Taylors tea and coffee. Next up was the dreaded T shirt shot. Polish post grad students, Aga and Olga, both made of tough stuff, professionally smiled through the wind chill although they were VERY glad to put their Oxford fleeces back on. The steps of the Clarendon Building was our last location and produced a great shot of Joachim and Olga walking down the steps. Besides the ear splitting sound of numerous fire engines and environmental protection vehicles interrupting teeth chattering conversation, all that was left to do was to Vox Box our models and photographer, and make our way back to the office for some well-deserved warmth and final farewell!

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