To buy and what to buy? That is the question....

As the newest member of the team working with the,  it was only a matter of time before I found an opportunity to make my first purchase – but what would it be?  A cute Rowing T-shirt for my 2 yr old or a hoodie for my 8 yr old?  Something from the Best Sellers section such as a wooden ruler for my husband – every teacher needs one don’t they?  Or perhaps something for my self – a silver charm to put on my charm bracelet? Oxford College Arms Tea Towel All of the above have dropped down the priority list, however, as birthday reminders came through thick and fast from Facebook and at least two friends moved house.  Well, I considered the coloured leather coasters, a set of mugs and the velvet cushion but in the end the humble tea towel won the day.  Everyone needs one and you never have enough - and besides I think the College Arms tea towel will be a good companion for the Emma Bridgewater/ Daniel Craig favourite or the Cath Kidston pale blue spots!

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