OUM Exhibition - Entomological Scientifc Illustration by Masashi Kimura

I spent my lunch break perusing the Oxford University Museum of Natural History exhibition, Rainbow in the darkness: Entomological illustration by Masashi Kimura. It's a wonderful collection of illustrations showing incredible details of insects under the microscope. In the words of Dr George McGavin, Honorary Research Associate at OUM:
"Using nothing more than carbon dust and draughting film, Masashi Kimura creates indescribably beautiful images. Delicate insects come to life and seem to float in three dimensions. The illusion of solid form is contradicted by a fragile beauty - almost as if the slightest breath might reconfigure the skillfully applied dust into an amorphous smudge. Kimura is the undisputed master of this magical technique."
Having graduated from Nihon University in Tokyo and completed the MFA graduate program at Washington State University, Masashi Kimura studied under the great scientific illustrator George L. Venable at the Smithsonian Institution. He came to OUM as a research professor under Dr McGavin in 2001.
"Using a microscope to discover and to draw insects is one of the great interests of my life. It has been a great inspiration for me to be able to learn from various scientists and to be able to view the incredible specimens in the museum." MK.
The exhibition runs until 31st March 2011 and the following selection of high quality giclee prints are available from oushop.

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