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Busy week in the postroom

Posted on December 10, 2010 by Tom
Christmas | High Street shop | Parcels | 1 Comments
Too many parcels So we're coming towards the end of what I think will be the busiest week ever for oushop. It's been pretty frantic in the High Street shop trying to get the parcels out the door while serving customers in store but Donna, Janette, Anika, Molly, and Christelle have somehow held it together. Thanks for all your hard work ladies! *doffs cap*


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Yes, I forward my
by Stephen MacLean
Yes, I forward my commendations. A few items ordered last week arrived Monday, less than seven days after my e-shopping. As I type, I am enjoying a drink of refreshing, cool water out of my new Oxford College arms tankard--it's too early in the day for anything stronger!
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