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Different coloured tea

Posted on November 23, 2010 by sarah.green
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A cold November afternoon and the question gets asked 'cup of tea?' Sounds simple enough but currently at head office there are three tea drinkers and we all go for a different colour; traditional black (though served with milk), green, and red (any form of red berry/fruit tea). With two new people set to join the team in the near future it makes me wonder if they too will opt for a different colour. Perhaps white, yellow or the rarer blue tea? Or maybe something with blackcurrant making it purple tea? It’s seems that Peppermint has become the odd-tea-out for us as calling it by a colour would just confuse the issue with green tea. At least we all drink our coffee black!


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Heavens! What kind of tea is
by Stephen MacLean
Heavens! What kind of tea is blue?
Oolong tea, I believe. Though
by Sarah
Oolong tea, I believe. Though sadly it's not blue in colour, but called blue as it's somewhere between green tea and black tea.
Too bad; true blue tea would
by Stephen MacLean
Too bad; true blue tea would be an appealing novelty ... I tend toward orange pekoe throughout the day, and darjeeling or camomile in the evening.
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