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Darrell Godliman's Oxford photography

Posted on September 9, 2010 by Tom
Darrell Godliman | Oxford | Photography | Site refresh | 1 Comments
It's pretty frantic in the office at the moment. We're in the final stages of preparation for the oushop site refresh, which is due to take place next week. It should make quite a difference to our little Oxford shop. Of all the changes we've got planned, I'm most excited about bringing some great photography onto the site. We've been lucky enough to get agreement from Darrell Godliman to use some of his brilliant photographs on the new homepage. Oxford is such a photogenic city. And it's not just about the classic limestone architecture. The people, the culture, the rivers and the parks are every bit as important.  Combined with Darrell's expertise, these elements really come to life on-screen, and evoke a tangible sense of this beautiful city. For more of Darrell's photographs, click here. And to see our brand new site, visit www.oushop.com next week. Brasenose Lane Lovers by Darrell Godliman


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