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Sub Fusc or Subfusc?

Posted on August 26, 2010 by Tom
Freshers | Gowns | Matriculation | Oxford | Sub Fusc | Subfusc | Tradition | 0 Comments
Oxford Undergraduates wearing the Sub Fusc Let me be the first to say that I'm no classics scholar. So I may have looked more than a little bemused when Sarah mentioned adding the "Sub Fusc" to our online shop - the proper name, it transpires, for the undergraduate gowns that freshers must where to matriculation ceremonies and other formal occasions. The problem facing your common-or-garden online shop manager is the lack of consensus on spelling. From the latin subfuscus, from sub- 'somewhat' + fuscus 'dark brown', the Oxford English Dictionary has it listed as a single word, subfusc. But the University and colleges use Sub Fusc or Sub-fusc, sometimes capitalised and sometimes not, sometimes hyphenated, other times not. After much debate we've pitched for Sub Fusc, two words, fully capitalised. Please direct the inevitable complaints to the management ;o)


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