This Secret Garden - Oxford Revisited
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  • This Secret Garden - Oxford Revisited

This Secret Garden - Oxford Revisited

Cartwright has returned to his old university, spoken to many leading figures, looked at his favourite places, attended the freshers' dinner in his old college, investigated the claim that dons like detective novels, and reread many Oxford classics. At the same time he has looked at some of the great debates which made Oxford what it is, as well as the most recent debate about funding, which ended in a resounding defeat for the reformers. He depicts the beauty of this historic city lovingly, its landscape of enclosed quads and gardens and the astonishing collection of buildings. He finds that the Oxford myth, while at odds with reality, is as powerful as ever. This is an enchanting and intelligent look at Oxford, indispensible reading for anyone interested in the myth and reality of this famed city. Hardcover. Written by Justin Cartwright. ISBN 978-0-7475-7961-8

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