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    Perspectives from Oxford Open Doors

    Posted on September 14, 2010 by Tom
    #ood2010 | Oxford Open Doors | 2 Comments
    Just been having a good browse around the net to see what visitors to Oxford Open Doors have been saying about the weekend. Here's some highlights:
    • Self-confessed culture vulture, Ingrid has a great piece on the Museum of Oxford.
    • Aspiring photographer, Ruby, gives us the work experience perspective, as photographer's assistant.
    • Tony in Headington covers a lot of ground in his Oxford Open Doors post - just don't mention the brass band .
    • Myra and Iain also made a full weekend of it, exploring from their narrowboat mooring at Christ Church Meadow, and presumably taking notes along the way - top marks for facts and figures ;)
    There's also loads of great photos on flickr taken over the weekend. Thanks for sharing!


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    Thanks so much for your
    by Ingrid
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog... the weekend was so exciting wasn't it, a really great atmosphere! :)
    Belated thanks for the
    by TonyOX3
    Belated thanks for the mention (sorry, hadn't checked for comments and email notification doesn't seem to have worked). You'll find me as a new twitter follower.
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